Silhouette of Mom with Baby

Last week I was just going about my normal mom duties.  I was hanging out with my only daughter, who just celebrated her 9th birthday!  (Side note: time goes by so fast!  I can’t believe she’s already halfway to adulthood!)  Anyway, as I was saying, I was just doing my normal mom stuff.  Then out of nowhere, my daughter says to me…”You’re amazing!”.  I really stopped dead in my tracks at that moment to really soak in her words.  They were so simple.  So sweet.  So unexpected.  The part that stuck out to me the most was that at that very instant, I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.  In fact, I’m quite sure I was brushing her hair before bed.  

So, YOU Mama, yes YOU…


  • Even when you are rushing to get going in the morning making sure everyone is where they need to be with everything they need…YOU ARE AMAZING!
    • Even when you get them just where they need to be and toss them out of the car with a quick “Love you, have a great day!”…YOU ARE AMAZING!
      • Even when you wash their clothes making sure to get their food and dirt stains out because they still wipe their hands on their shirts…YOU ARE AMAZING!
        • Even when you buy them their favorite snack at the grocery store just because it’s their favorite…YOU ARE AMAZING!


In this life, we do so many tasks we feel are just so mundane, but YOU ARE AMAZING!  You are making an impact in all the little ways.  The little ways add up to big ways.  And one day, one day they will be adults and leave your home and remember how much you love them and how amazing you are because each and every day you gave your very best…even in the normal mom duties.  

So next time you struggle through your day, find the AMAZINGness of this life.  Remind yourself of how much you fight for them…and then fight for you!  Remind yourself of how of all the people in this world, YOU were picked to be their mom.  YOU were picked to have a special impact on THEM.  Because YOU. ARE. AMAZING!

And then once you are convinced how amazing you are…don’t forget to tell everyone else how amazing they are too!  We can all get through this crazy thing called life together. 




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