About Me.

Hello! My name is Sara, and I am the founder of PursueGood.

I’m a Marine wife, mom of 3 & child of God. A few of my favorite things are unsweetened iced tea (in the South), a capella remixes & glimpses of quiet.

You can often find me bundled up under a heated blanket (also in the South) with my tumbler filled with iced tea in hand, quite probably counterproductive.  Some things I really enjoy are taking walks and soaking in the beauty of the Lowcountry, spending time with people and finding the best in things. I don’t particularly like to read, but I’m learning to find joy in the wisdom and peace of reading.   I am constantly working to become the best possible version of myself.  Join me as we navigate through this crazy life together and aim to embrace being counter-cultural as we PursueGood…

Blessings, Sara